LBS Director General, Mrs. Estelle Liberty-Kermoh

As Monday, January 1, 2021, marks the first working day of the New Year we as Liberians should be poised to start a new, in all that we do in our personal and individual life.

The dawn of the New Year has set in very well. It was really a celebratory mood transitioning into the New Year with citizens everywhere, in one accord, with the reverberating echo of prayers, noise, and drum beat, waved palm branches and handkerchief, singing, dancing, and rejoicing over the dawn of the New Year.

Liberians, deservingly so, have every reason to be thankful to God Almighty as 2020 was a year of fraught with many challenges, heightened by the Coronavirus Pandemic. With 2021 at hand, we must be forward-looking and continue to give thanks and praises to our creator for keeping our nation on a steady course, remaining hopeful for a better Liberia.

The push to make Liberia better will not come easy, as the onus is on our shoulders to work harder and earnestly to promote the good and progress of our nation. This is why we at the State Broadcaster, the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), are playing our part too, by re-designing our program structure to broaden our coverage in the year 2021, to suit the public interest.

We must all take note of the message from President George Manneh Weah, New Year, urging Liberians, particularly his officials, to reach out in lending a helping hand to those in need and embrace each other without discrimination.

“President Weah noted that 2021 should be a year of peace, love, prosperity and goodwill for one another in Liberia”. And we certainly agree with that. Being fully cognizant of the challenges of the previous year, 2021, must truly be a year when Liberians must push the re-set button and put forth their best in everything that they do the good of the country.

Giving our best in our capacity, as a national institution, we will certainly help to make Liberia that glorious land of Liberty that we crave.


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