Police seized several bikes for violating Police ‘No-Go-Zone’ Restriction

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Several motorcycles have been confiscated for violating police No-Go-Zone restriction, one day after the policy was imposed in the city.

According to Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations, Col. Marvin Sackor, the Police is committed to ensuring public safety, reduce crimes and accidents.

Speaking with reporters at the National Police Headquarters in Monrovia on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Col. Sackor said the current No-Go-Zone restriction is the surest way to ensure public safety at the moment.

He said:” Fines will be imposed on first and second offenders and the third offence will see the bike taken to the Commercial Court to be auctioned.”

Meanwhile, the Police Deputy Inspector General said non-commercial bikes will have to certify their registration, and riders should wear helmets to go through the No-Go-Zone areas.

At the same time, Col. Sackor has clarified that the restriction was relaxed during the just ended Mid-Term Election to allow politicians run their campaigns. He said many politicians used the motorcycles and tricycles to convey their supporters to political rallies.

Col. Sackor maintained that negotiations to impose the No-Go-Zone restriction  started far back in August, 2020, to reduce crimes and accidents in Monrovia.


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