Ghana expresses interest in developing Liberia’s Cocoa Industry

ACCRA, GHANA-The Ghanaian Government has expressed interest in developing the Cocoa Industry of Liberia.

The Ghanaian Government’s interest in the cocoa sector of the Country was expressed by its Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Awasu Akoto, and the Vice President of the Ghanaian Cocoa Industry, Ray Ankrah, during a meeting with President George Weah on Saturday, January 10, 2021, in Accra.

Minister Akoto and Mr. Ankrah highlighted the benefits both countries could accrue from the partnership.

According to them, the partnership would provide the Liberian Cocoa Industry the much needed boost and generate revenue for the Country.

Dr. Akoto told President Weah that he hopes to meet Liberia’s Minister of Agriculture, Jeannie Cooper, to further the engagements.

Responding, President Weah embraced the idea of working along with Ghana in the area of Agriculture.

President Weah said investing in Agriculture is a major pillar of the Liberian Government’s National Development Plan.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Leader assured the Ghanaian Delegation that he will inform their Liberian counterparts to begin exploring the possibilities of working together in the area of Agriculture.


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