Streets light lighting in parts of Monrovia and other places

MONROVIA LIBERIA – President George Weah is expected to officially commission the Presidential Street Light Project this Friday evening in Monrovia.

The President has heavily invested in the project to make the cities safe and also boost economic activities.

The Executive Mansion said the official commissioning ceremony will take place near Prestige Motor Corporation on the Bushrod Island.

The testing of the newly installed street lights has created excitements among residents of Monrovia and Paynesville with many praising the Liberian leader for the initiative.

Street lights have already been installed from ELWA Junction through Broad Street and to the Bushrod Island as far as the Free Port of Monrovia.

Today’s commissioning ceremony is expected to breathe new life across Monrovia and Paynesville with many businesses bracing themselves for a night time economic boost.


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