GBARNGA, BONG COUNTY, LIBERIA-Residents of Gbarnga City in Bong County are commending President George Weah for his commitment to promises made to them, during his recent County Tour in the area.

During the President’s visit to the County, he among other things, promised to install street lights on the major streets of Gbarnga City, an exercise that has already begun.

According to ELBC Upper Bong County Correspondent, the citizens believe the President’s promise is now being fulfilled, as holes are being dug along the main streets for planting of the light poles.

Our Correspondent said that from the day the President made the promise, the Technical Team from the Public Works Ministry has been on the ground ensuring that the project is implemented.

Gbarnga has been described as a dark city, so the citizens believe lighting up the city will serve as great security relief, and enhance free movements of people, especially during night hours.

By: Victor Kezelee


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