One of COVID-19 Food Distribution centers in Liberia

BARCLAYVILLE, GRAND KRU –LIBERIA- Some aggrieved citizens in Grand Kru County reportedly looted the Covid -19 stimulus household food ware house in Barclayville City.

According to our Correspondent, warehouse was looted by the aggrieved residents because they felt marginalized during the start of the food distribution in Barclayville.

The aggrieved Barclayville Residents accused the head of the Distribution Team Emmanuel Paye of issuing tickets to people who have already benefited in other communities.

They said the ticketing system did not cut across but favor few individuals who could afford to pay at least one thousand Liberian Dollars to get their stimulus food packages.

Items allegedly looted are rice, beans, oil and other food items. Meanwhile police in Grand Kru have launched an investigation in the looting incident.


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