Voice of Pleebo allegedly shut down for spreading hate messages

PLEEBO, MARYLAND COUNTY, LIBERIA-The Voice of Pleebo, a community radio station in Maryland County, has been shut down on the order of Pleebo City Mayor, Wellington Karhn.

According to ELBC Maryland County Correspondent, Mr. Karhn shut down the radio station for allegedly broadcasting hate messages.

Our correspondent said the station was shut down for allegedly airing mix-views about Government; something that the City Mayor said is insightful against Government.

Our correspondent said Mayor Karhn accused the Station of broadcasting programs that were putting people at loggerheads.

Meanwhile, Press Union of Liberia President, Charles Coffey, says the Union will launch a full scale investigation into the closure of the station.

Mr. Coffey said the PUL’s investigation will take into account the issues of hate messages and unethical operations of the Station, as alleged.

Speaking to ELBC Thursday, March 18, 2021, the PUL President said:” The airing of mix-views about Government should not be the reason for the closure of the radio station. If broadcasting of mix views about Government are reasons, than all of the privately run radio stations across the Country should have been closed by now.”


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