Margibi County District 2 Representative, Ivar Jones

KAKATA, MARGIBI-LIBERIA Margibi County District 2 Representative, Ivar Jones, has requested the appearance of authorities of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Civil Service Agency and the Finance Ministry to inform the House of Representatives about the pension status of civil servants.

In a communication to the body, Representative Jones said in line with the Liberian Constitution and the Decent Work Act, employees are willing to allow a reduction in their salaries to reap such upon retirement.

According to him, some employers are deducting such amount and making no remittance which denies the employees of benefiting their retirement pension from NASSCORP.

The Margibi County District 2 Representative made specific reference to the Liberia Aviation Authority and the Robert International Airport where at least 26 employees were served retirement letters without any benefits included.

Meanwhile, the committees are expected to report within two weeks.


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