Gov. to build women and health centers in Bomi County

BOMI COUNTY, LIBERIA-The Government of Liberia has promised to construct women and health centers in Klay, in Bomi County.

The Government also wants the people of Klay to provide land for the construction of the two centers.

Government’s commitment to undertake the project is based on petition read by Klay District Women Chairlady, Sarah Karnley, during a town hall meeting with President George Weah Monday, March 23, 2021.

Madam Karnley said:” The women of Klay are unable to hold regular meetings and programs because of the lack of facilities.”

Responding, President Weah promised to send a team of contractors to carry on feasibility study for the construction of the projects.

At the same time, the Liberian Leader has assured the people of Klay District that the Ministry of Education will improve the County education system to provide their children quality education.


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