Traditional Herbalist, Tamba Bondo during one of his activities.

GRAND KRU, BARCLAYVILLE – The arrest of a traditional herbalist by the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in Barclayville, Grand Kru County has sparked tension between the citizens in Barclayville and officers of the ERU in the area.

According to our Grand Kru county Correspondent, the traditional herbalist, Tamba Bondo, was invited by the citizens, through the office of the superintendent, to perform certain traditional hunts in the city.

ELBC Correspondent in the county said the invitation of the traditional herbalist to Barclayville was based on the continuous mysterious deaths occurring in the area.

He also said after Bondo stayed in the city for more than two months, he later left for Monrovia, but later made another trip to the county without the consent of the county leadership, thus leading to his arrest by ERU officers who ordered him to leave the area.

Our Correspondent said following the arrest of the herbalist, citizens of Barclayville took to the streets and exchanged single barrel gunfire with the ERU Officers, leaving one person wounded.

The citizens are demanding the release of Mr. Bonbo because they want him to continue his traditional practice aimed at protecting them.


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