Ministers Kemayah and Ziankahn with Ivorian Military officials in Abidjan

IVORY COAST-The Ivoirian Government has released fourteen Liberians arrested and detained, following an attack on the Abobo Military Base in April this year.

It followed a high level meeting between the Ivoirian Defense Authorities and a Liberian delegation, headed by Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Kemayah.

Other members of the Liberian delegation included Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, and Defense Minister Daniel Ziakahn.

Speaking after a meeting with the Liberian delegation, the Ivoirian Defense Minister Tene Birahima Ouattara said his Country has no intention to hunt down Liberians.

Minister Ouattara said:” The visit of the Liberian officials has allowed both countries to define the rules to avoid recurrence of the incident.”

For his part, Minister Kemayah said:” Ivoirian Authorities assured us that the recent arrest was not a witch hunt against Liberians residing in the Ivory Coast.”

He reassured the Ivoirian Authorities that Liberia will not serve as a base for terrorists and armed groups to destabilize the Ivory Coast.

Minister Kemayah further reassured Ivoirians living in Liberia that they will continue to enjoy freedom of movement, without any form of harassment.


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