Foreign Minister Kemayah wants Liberia represented at ECOWAS’ Sectors

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Foreign Minister Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Kemayah is stressing the importance of Liberia’s representation at the sectors of ECOWAS.

Minister Kemayah said:” Liberia has done so much for ECOWAS, as a regional bloc, and over the years stood with sisterly countries to experience such low representation.”

According to him, the situation is not only a reflection of shadow involvement, but a sign of relegation of the Country’s historic role in the founding of the organization.

Ambassador Kemayah spoke on Thursday, May 20,201, when he addressed ECOWAS Consultative Workshop for Media Experts from the Sub-region in Monrovia.

He, on behalf of the Liberian Government, urged the leadership of ECOWAS to exert effort to ensure Liberia takes leadership roles at every organ of the Regional Body.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister has affirmed the Ministry’s commitment to engage the ECOWAS Commission for a paradigm shift that benefits Liberia.


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