Prez George M. Weah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-President George Weah has submitted two bills to the House of Representatives for enactment.

They are Act amending Chapter 15 of the Penal Law, title 26 to add thereto sections 15.63, 15.64 and 15.65 and amendment of section 3.6 of the Judiciary Law, title 17.

According to ELBC Reporter, Chapter 15, among other things, highlights offenses against property and theft, while the new sections call for insider trading, market manipulation and illegal trafficking in other goods.

President Weah said:” Amendment to the Judiciary law will pave the way for the appointment of additional relieving judges for Circuit Courts.”

Meanwhile, the two instruments have been submitted to the Committee on Judiciary, to report within two weeks.

In a related development, the first bill is a financing agreement of Liberia Electricity Sector Strengthening and Access Project Using the Multi-Phase Programmatic Approach between Liberia and International Development Association (IDA).

Under such agreement, the IDA agrees to extend to Liberia a credit deemed as concessional financing in the tune of twenty-nine, ten and fifteen million United States Dollars.

President Weah also submitted a financing agreement recovery of economic activity for Liberia’s Informal Sector Employment Project between Liberia and the IDA.

The bills were submitted to the Committees on Ways and Means, Public Utility, Youth and Sports and Judiciary, respectively.


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