Police charged, forwarded to court a 30 year man for allegedly raping a 14 year old girl

GRAND CAPE MOUNT COUNTY, LIBERIA-Police in Tewor District, Grand Cape Mount County, have charged and forwarded to court, a thirty-year old man for allegedly raping a fourteen-year old girl in the area.

ELBC Grand Cape Mount County Correspondent said:” The girl’s mother took her to a Clinic, where medical examination confirmed that she was sexually abused.”

Our Correspondent said:” The thirty year old suspect, Hassan Konneh, had earlier threatened to kill the girl if she discloses the act to her mother.”

At the same time, a twenty-year old girl has also been allegedly gang-raped in Mamoh Town, Grand Cape Mount County.

The victim had gone on a week-long feast when she met some individuals who allegedly put narcotics substance into her drink unknown to her.

The victim later felt helpless and dizzy and the individuals reportedly took her to the nearest room where they allegedly gang raped her.

The three suspects, Mohammed Sonii, Mohammed Massaquoi and another, only identified as Varney, are said to be on the run, while Police have launched a man hunt for the three suspects.

By: Zechariah Jigbeh


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