Italian Vessel ‘Frigate—RIZZO’ has since left the Freeport of Monrovia

Monrovia, Liberia – The Liberia Maritime Authority says the recent arrival of the Italian Vessel ‘Frigate—RIZZO’ at the Freeport of Monrovia was part of a maritime collaboration involving LiMA, the Armed Forces of Liberia, and the Italian Navy.

The exercise comes ahead of Liberia’s prospective affiliation with the Virtual-Regional Maritime Traffic Center, which is part of the Trans-Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN) project. The vessel has since departed Monrovia.

The T-RMN Project is a multinational collaboration aimed at combating piracy while building the capacity and capability of naval forces of participating countries.

In April of this year, Liberia, through LiMA and the Liberian Coast Guard, submitted its application to be admitted into the T-RMN.

That application is going through the formal approval process.

The Maritime Authority said the arrival of the Italian Naval Vessel also marks the strengthening of maritime collaboration between the two countries.

The frigate will patrol the Gulf of Guinea, where pirate attacks have become prevalent.

A release said Liberia stands to benefit from the partnership in various ways, including participating in joint naval exercises, capacity building, and knowledge sharing.

In a related development, the Commissioner and Chief Executive of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA), Eugene Nagbe, Monday received in audience a team of Port Facility Security Experts from the United States Coast Guard for a working visit.

LiMA CEO Eugene Nagbe and Port Facility Security Experts from the United States Coast Guard

Commissioner Nagbe is also Liberia’s ISPS Designated Authority.

With Liberia now placed on the US Coast Guard White List, the assessment mission will review Port Facilities in the country.

The team is looking at security measures at various ports and facilities in Monrovia and Buchanan for ISPS compliance regime.





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