Founder of CLCY Liberian born US Navy, Daniel Barn Henderson

CAREYSBURG, MONTSERRADO – A United States Liberia Based organization, Change for Liberian Children and Youth (CLCY) has begun a cassava project in Careysburg District, Montserrado County.

The Chairman of the Scholarship Board James Larblah said, the cassava project is been implemented on a five acre of land purchased last year 2020, by the Head of the organization Daniel Barn Henderson with support from  partners in the United States.

Mr. Larblah said, the venture by CLCY is aimed at providing feeding for under privileged Liberians, especially women, single mothers and its scholarship students among others.

“After we acquired this land, it was said that, until we do the construction to begin the technical institution, it is good that we carry on some activities and we all resolved to do some planting, the most common and easier one is the planting of the cassava.

This was a huge bush, we are thinking that whatever little resources that will be generated from here, it can go towards helping the community, they can have something to eat, and at the same time we can use some to do other things and augment the monthly allowances of our scholarship students who are also helping us in this process.”

Meanwhile, two female contractors in separate comments lauded officials of the organization and partners for affording them the opportunity cater to the education needs of their children and feeding their families.

“I have been working on this cassava farm for the last three weeks and remittances I am getting from working as a contractor on this farm initiated by CLCY has helped me to pay my children school fees and as well provide feeding for my family because my husband is not working. I appreciate CLCY and partners for granting me the opportunity to work here on this farm.” Sarah Gibson says.

While another Contractor, Cecelia Fagans said, “prior to working on this farm, I bought and sold palm nut which many at  times rot in my hands because there was no or less buyers and  that made life very difficult for me and my children because I have no husband.

But now through this work, I can feed and send my children to school. So I am grateful to CLCY for the opportunity and pray that they continue to do more with support from their partners.”

The cassava farm is been implemented on a five acre of land space which will be transformed into the future home of the organization’s multipurpose technical college in Careysburg district in Montserrado.

Change For Liberian Children and Youth CLCY, is a US Liberian based philanthropist organization that caters to the educational, spiritual needs of underprivileged youth in Liberia especially children.

The organization was launched 2018 by Liberian born US Navy Soldier, Daniel Barn Henderson in Caresyburg  Liberia, in collaboration with other friends and supporters from the United States and Canada.


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