MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Judge of the Civil Law Court ‘B’ has admitted that judges are sometimes not fair and impartial in the decision they make in cases.

Judge Scheaplor Dunbar said that they sometimes take side with party litigants and their counsel to the detriment of the other party.

He said that it is commonplace that judges most often compromise the cool neutrality that is required and expected at all times.

The Civil Law Court ‘B’ Judge said the move has now made people to have a very bad opinion about judges within the judicial system.

Judge Dunbar said:” People go to jail not because they are unable to post a bond, but simply because a party litigant had prevailed on the judge or magistrate to ensure that the defendant goes to jail.”

He then warned magistrates and judges to respect the Judicial Cannon, and refrain from using their gavel to violate the rights of others.

Judge Scheaplor Dunbar made the remarks at the opening of seminar for Trial Judges Association of Liberia.


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