Rape case deepens in Rivercess County, as police warns County Inspector

RIVERCESS COUNTY, LIBERIA-The rape involving a fourteen year-old-Girl in Rivercess County continues to take deepening dimension, with Police warning to arrest the County Inspector.

Police in the County has given an ultimatum to the County Inspector, Daniel Doe, for his alleged refusal to turn in his son who is a prime suspect in the rape case.

The County Inspector son is reportedly amongst several individual who allegedly gang-raped a fourteen year old girl recently in the County.

Inspector Doe risk arrest, if he fails to prevail on his wife to make his son available for Police Investigation.

ELBC Rivercess County Correspondent said Police are still in search of suspects.

Meanwhile, Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf is calling on Inspector Doe to cooperate with the Police by ensuring that his son faces police investigation.

By: Zechariah Jigbeh


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