MARLY, HARPER – People in Maryland County are said to be facing major food shortage as the rainy season reaches its peak.

ELBC Correspondent said prices of basic commodities including rice and gasoline are also skyrocketing in the county.

The situation has gone to the extent that a 25-KG bag of rice is being sold for LD$ 4,000.

According to our correspondent, businesses are hoarding the little they have in stock to profiteer at high prices.

Businesses have reportedly attributed the situation to the recent sinking of the Niko Ivanka Vessel, which was a major means of getting goods to the Southeastern County particularly during the rainy season.

Our correspondent said as a result of the vessel’s incident, other vessels and boats have grounded trips to the county.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has assured marketers and the people of Maryland that all is being done to bring in basic goods to the county.


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