Former PLP Chairman, Wilmot Paye PLP Political Leader, Dr. Daniel Cassel.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The former Chairman of the People Liberation Party (PLP) has branded the party’s Political leader as a deceitful and insincere politician.

Mr. Wilmot Paye said Dr. Daniel Cassel does not represent what he says in public. According to Mr. Paye, most of the projects undertaken by Dr. Cassel are personal and driven by his business interests.

Wilmot Paye was speaking in an ELBC interview Tuesday, September, 14, 2021, in reaction to some claims made by Dr. Cassel on Monday. He denied allegation of unlawful dismissals at the PLP made by the party’s political Leader.

Mr. Paye said Dr. Cassel is treating the party as a personal enterprise where he makes unilateral decisions in disregard to the election laws of Liberia.

He maintained that he has the backing of the Elections Commission through the election law to remain Chairman until the party goes to convention.

The People Liberation Party is one those parties riven by crisis in the opposition seems common nowadays, with all energy being exerted at internal wrangling and fighting with Political Leaders,  some resulting to removing of chairman.


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