Liberia Immigration Service investigates alleged smuggling of Fulanis into Liberia……

GRAND GEDEH COUNTY, LIBERIA-The Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) detachment in Grand Gedeh County, is investigating several officials of a company known as Q-NET for allegedly smuggling eight Fulanis into Country.

The eight Fulanis were allegedly smuggled by the company, under the pretext that they were facilitating their travel to the United States.

ELBC Correspondent quotes joint security investigators as saying the eight Fulanis were tricked into paying a combine amount of forty-five-thousand United States Dollars.

According to our Correspondent, under the negotiation, Q-NET was to provide travelling documents, lodging and other basic services, while in Liberia.

The Fulanis were reportedly trafficked from Guinea, Senegal and the Ivory Coast.

By: Emmanuel Kollie


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