President George M. Weah

MONRO VIA, LIBERIA-President George Weah is calling for the establishment of an African Carbon Credit Trading Mechanism, with the aim of addressing the imbalance in climate financing.

President Weah said: “There are inequality and lack of fairness in climate financing affecting efforts to achieve the objectives of the Paris Accord on Climate Change.”

The Liberian Leader emphasized those countries like Liberia and others that maintain and protect the largest remaining tracts of forest reserves, are receiving the lowest benefits for their ecosystem services.

President Weah urged world leaders at the UN Climate Conference to work along with pan-African and global financial institutions, to develop a long-term regulated market for African carbon credit.

He said such endeavor will only increase the chances of African countries that depend on their forest reserves to attain sustainable economic growth and national development.

With concerted effort, the Liberian Leader said, the world can be rescued from the scourges of climate change and save the earth from the deadly consequences of global warming.


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